Tramontina Cast Iron Dutch Oven for Your Kitchen

Tramontina Cast Iron Dutch Oven ReviewsConsumers and professional chefs both rave about the  Tramontina cast iron dutch oven. Not only because of its modest pricing, but because of its quality and aesthetic appearance. This cast iron dutch oven gets often compared to the to the top of the range Le Creuset dutch ovens that cost in between $250 and $400, which of course many families would find a little too steep.

Although this pot is only available in two colors and in three different sizes, its versatility and features are more or less the same as its more expensive cousins, but without the price tag.

This cast iron dutch oven is undoubtedly great value for money and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Versatility of Use

cast iron dutch oven for saleThe Tramontina cast iron dutch oven was featured and highly recommended by Cooks Illustrated, since you can more or less get the same functionality and adaptability with this product, as with any other high quality dutch oven. America’s Test Kitchen has also highly recommends it. It can be used either on the stove top (electric, gas or ceramic) or in the oven to prepare a variety of dishes, including sauces, pot roasts, soups, cakes, breads or stews.

The Tramontina dutch oven is oven-safe up to 450 degrees F, which makes it perfect for slow cooking, which is what dutch ovens are meant to be used for. You can bake cakes or breads in them or you can start browning the onions and your meat on the stove top; add water, vegetables and seasoning to your dish and you can finish off cooking in the oven.  The tight fitting, heavy lid helps keep the flavors and moisture locked in well.  The two, well designed side handles help you transport your cast iron dutch oven from the oven to your dining table safely and the stay cool knob on the lid makes it easy to serve dinner or stir the contents of the vessel during cooking.


Materials Used in Tramontina Cast Iron Dutch Oven

In this price range the Tramontina cast iron dutch oven is considered the best dutch oven by many professionals as well as consumers. The pot and the lid are made of heavy cast iron, which are covered with a layer of glossy, porcelain enamel; and the stay cool knob attached to the lid is made of a durable, resin plastic.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven


Visually the casserole looks gorgeous, particularly its color as well as the sleek enameled surface, beautiful enough to serve dinner right from it on the dinner table.

The Tramontina cast iron dutch oven cleans up simply and effortlessly after use, which is yet another major advantage. However it is recommended to wash this cookware item right after cooking, once is has cooled down substantially, to avoid food drying onto the inner surface.

The heavy cast iron lid of this dutch oven appears to fit comfortably onto the vessel. There are no gaps, which could possibly allow moisture to evaporate and so the flavors are tightly locked in.

The porcelain enamel coating is non-stick and the heavy cast iron vessel distributes and retains heat evenly with no hot spots at the base.

This item is considered the best dutch oven within this price range and it should serve you for a lifetime as long as it is given a fair amount of care. It also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

When purchased from, this item is eligible for free shipping.


It is important to understand that enameled cast iron dutch ovens were meant to be used for SLOW cooking delicious meals. When used above 450 degrees, the enamel coating is likely to chip. Using either this item or the most expensive, top quality Le Creuset brand above this temperature will likely cause damage to the enamel.

Several consumers have reported that after a fair amount of use the porcelain enamel coating of the Tramontina dutch oven can discolor a bit inside, however, it will not affect the performance of this product.

Because this pot is made of cast iron, it is fairly heavy. In fact, weighing 20 pounds it is even heavier than a Le Creuset brand of similar size.This might be a disadvantage to many people, however, it does not effect the performance or quality of this dutch oven.

Before you use the Tramontina cast iron dutch oven for the first time, for maximum performance and satisfaction, we recommend that you season the underside of the lid as well as the rim of the vessel. Just apply a coat of cooking oil onto these areas and put your dutch oven into the oven at 350 degrees for an hour. It should be a snap!


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